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The inspiration for ‘Wanna taste my Nordic Star?’

Our inspiration for beers come through all around the world, this time we’re travelling to Scandinavia and their sweet bread Limpa.

The description screams itself to be turned into a beer, and who are we to turn our backs to challenges. We built a rye stout, as rich as your typical Moersleutel stout, sticky and creamy. With deep molasses, chocolate flavors and a delicate roast, all together with the spicy character from rye malts. Further layered with fennel and caraway seeds, freshened up with sweet orange peel. Juniper berries are added to the boil for a more festive end, bringing a subtle piney and resinous element. Since this is a sweet bread inspired beer and not a cake inspired beer, lactose was skipped making it vegan-friendly.

Usually Limpa can be found in a Scandinavian table for Christmas celebrations, this year you can also find it in your glass. What a jolly thing to look forward to!

Cheers 🍻🔧

Jorge Tomé – Head Brewer

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