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Our vision

Enjoy life

Our vision is what it says. We want to enjoy life and want you to do too. We do this by making beer that people can enjoy together with a happy community, but also by providing a healthy and creative work envoirment for our work family. 

Our mission

Making life more enjoyable

We aim to engineer beers that people truly enjoy. Beers you would drink if you have something to celebrate. That’s why we brew them to be big, bold and flavorful. Using the most exquisite and finest ingredients, chosen by our Brewers, and sourced from the best Craftspeople.

Our core values

family dna


We are beer engineers. True craftspeople that have an eye for detail and work from passion and creativity, but with a technical and pragmatic heart.


We are entrepreneurs. In our eyes anything is possible and can be done. We think solution-oriented while keeping quality high. Always looking to improve.


We are a family. We do what we enjoy and have fun together. We’re open and value everyone’s opinion. There is room for humor, lightheartedness, and relaxation.

The backstory

There once where four brothers from the Netherlands who just finished their technical studies and wanted to prove their dad that they were equally good at home brewing as him. Dad dared them to prove their claim and let them have a go at the small brewery he owned.


Their first beer

The guys brewed their first beer which was, as we the Dutch call it ‘slootwater’, or garbage to put it mildly. Thankfully dad had mercy. After they stopped laughing at their mistake, they all went back to the brewery and kept brewing beers until they turned out better and better.


After practicing

After some time practicing at brewing beers, the brothers decided it was time to show the Dutch beer market their real tasty beers. The first concoction they put on shelves was a blend of barrel aged imperial stouts which was greatly received by beer lovers.


A succesful start

But the brothers saw room for improvement. They went back to the original recipe and optimized it to make the beer even tastier. It’s something that they would go on and do for all their releases. The first version is usually great, but the second, third or fourth are even better. 


Current day

Now, Moersleutel barrel aged stouts are perceived as some of the best in the world and even the absolute best in The Netherlands, just have a look at Untappd. Not only that, they have mastered their Stout recipes and improved their IPAs in the last couple of years. What beer is next?

The brothers



Co-owner / Engineering Wiz Kid


Co-owner /Company Navigator


Co-owner / Glorified Plumber


Co-owner / Man of the Machines

In our brewing journey we noticed a lack of easy to use in- and outfeed equipment for filling machines which improve productivity in a cost-efficient way. So we designed our own. Our depalletizers, check weigher, reflow table & case packer are built with improving productivity and low cost in mind.

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