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On a mission
to engineer the best beers

Moersleutel festival

June 29th at the Scrapyard in Alkmaar!

Drinks all-inclusive!

Celebrating 8 years of Moersleutel also means 8 new beers that you can enjoy on tap (along with plenty of other beers to choose from).

Join the fun

Enjoy a festive atmosphere with music, food trucks, games, and a live Q&A session with our team.

Two time slots

Smaller groups = less waiting times! Also since this is a drinks all-inclusive festival, there’s no need to hassle with getting more coins.

Limited tickets available, so be quick!


Preferably big, bold and flavorful. From fresh and cold IPAs to our blended barrel aged beauties.


Licensed or self-proclaimed, we're all engineers here. A bunch of creative nerds.


Do what you like and you'll never work a day in your life. Our vision: Enjoy life

Our mission

Making life more enjoyable

That’s what we do at Moersleutel. Crafting beer with engineering precission, supply proper glassware to drink it from & create a happy community to drink it with. Come join the joyride!

Our brew ethos

we Never compromise

Our beers are made with the finest ingredients, carefully chosen by our Brewers, and sourced from the best Craftspeople. Always eager to learn and improve. Seeking to understand quality and thus never compromising.

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