Introducing the x7 Series, an extraordinary collection of IPAs where a single hop variety is added at seven key stages throughout the brewing process. This innovative series pushes the boundaries of hop-forward beers, inviting beer enthusiasts on a hop-filled journey.




The journey starts with the mash, where the chosen hop is added, allowing its flavors to permeate the beer from the very beginning. Creating precursors, and some bitterness. This early addition sets the foundation for the hop-forward profile of the brew.


Next comes the bittering addition at the start of the boil, where the hop’s bitterness is extracted and most of the isomerization is done, contributing to the beer’s overall balance and providing a solid structure.


As the brewday nears completion, the flame-out addition adds an intense burst of hop flavor and aroma, infusing the beer with a vibrant bouquet


The whirlpool addition occurs after the boil, where the hop is added while the wort is still in motion. This technique extracts essential oils and compounds from the hop, amplifying its flavors and aromas, and creating a harmonious blend that carries through to the final beer.


During active fermentation, the beer undergoes a dry hop addition, where the hop is introduced to the fermenting beer, releasing its aromatic compounds. This stage adds a burst of fresh hop aromas and flavors that enhance the beer’s complexity, also known as the “biotransformation addition”.


The warm dry hop follows, where the beer is still at fermenting temperature, allowing for increased hop extraction. 


Finally, the cold dry hop occurs during the beer’s cold conditioning phase, infusing the brew with a final wave of hop goodness. This stage enhances the beer’s aroma while contributing a clean and crisp hop character. This addition gives the freshest aroma’s as it is the closest to the packaging line.


The “x7 Series” celebrates the versatility and depth of a single hop variety by incorporating it at seven critical stages throughout the brewing process. Each release in this exceptional series offers beer enthusiasts an opportunity to embark on a sensory hop adventure.

Beers in the X7 series

Citra x7
Double Dry Hopped IPA

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