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Advent calendar 2023

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What you will get in your Moersleutel Advent Calendar: 

  • 24 Moersleutel beers (one for each day of December leading up to Christmas)
  • A mix of beer styles, mostly IPA and Stouts
  • 4 Barrel Aged beers, 3 are EXCLUSIVE for this Advent Box.
  • 11 new Advent Exclusive beers, only available in the advent
  • A couple of known and loved Moersleutel beers.
  • Big 44cL cans (enough to share with someone)
  • Limited availability due to beers exclusively brewed for the Advent.
  • Pre-sale: shipping in November
90 per 2 months
  • Receive the Advent as free upgrade within your Guild membership
  • One condition: when receiving Advent Calendar: can't cancel within 6 months of subscription
  • This means: 2 Guild Boxes (14 beers shipping every 2 months) filled with newest Moersleutel beers + glorious Advent Calendar. Best value deal!
  • Advent is replacing your December Guild Box
Best value
Webshop PRICE
179 Adventbox Only
  • One time purchase, no Guild Membership

Don’t wait too long! Limited availability due to exclusive beers. 
Ships in November. 

what is the Guild deal?

Join The Guild before December and receive our Advent! (while stock lasts)

About the guild

The Guild is our Moersleutel Beer Membership. Every 2 months you’ll receive 12-16 of our newest beers, including our deluxe barrel-aged stout Indulgence. It’s our highest rated beer, only available through the Guild.

Advent Upgrade for members

All Guild Members will receive the Moersleutel Advent Calendar 2023 as part of their Guild subscription – no extra cost! The Advent Calendar replaces your Guild Box of December and ships in November. With an active membership you don’t have to do anything else.

This is a money-saving opportunity, as you’ll pay only €90 for your Advent.

Conditions for the upgrade

There is one rule:
To take advantage of this offer, you’ll need to remain a Guild member for at least 6 months (that’s 3 boxes of which 1 is the advent).

Usually you can cancel your Guild subscription whenever you like, unless you receive the Advent. Then you are agreeing to 6 months of Membership.

But trust us, you’re not going to want to cancel after experiencing the exclusive Guild beers!

Got excited?
Our Guild Membership starts at €45 per month.

Frequently Asked questions

Our advent boxes are packed as 1 item and at a different warehouse than our ‘regular’ webshop. Please only order the advent box as a single product.

If you want to purchase more items, please make a separate order. The Advent Box will ship in november, your second purchase (with other items) will ship according to our regular shipment schedules.

Yes, we ship globally. To every country. Specific shipping rates do apply.

  • We will ship all boxes half of November. We don’t make any difference for different countries.

Place an order for the Advent Calendar in our webshop and make sure to list the address of your special person as shipping address.

Keep the billing address your own (you don’t want them to know you have a spending problem).

We’d be happy to welcome you to the Guild!

Your first payment will be around September 26th and your first Guild Box will be Guild Box #15 (shipping end of October).

Everyone that has been, or remains a Guild Member for at least 6 months, will receive the free upgrade.

If you’ve joined the Guild recently you will also get the Advent Calendar. The only condition is you can’t cancel your Membership within 6 months of subscribing, if you have received the Advent Calendar.

You can either buy one extra in our webshop: here or get a second Guild Membership.
We don’t offer a second Advent Calendar for the price of the Guild within one Membership. 

Get it before it’s sold out

Made up your mind wether you’d like the separate purchase through our webshop or join the Guild?

For example: 2 Guild Boxes + 1 Advent = approximately 53 beers for 270 euros.

Note: the Guild is a continuous membership until you cancel.

One time purchase.

Are you 18 or older?