The beers in this Box are a surprise, but here is some info to get you started.
  • 24 Moersleutel beers, one for each day of December leading up to Christmas
  • 4 Moersleutel Barrel Aged beers, of which 3 are EXCLUSIVELY available in this Advent Box.
  • A mix of beer styles. Some sweet, some classic. But, as you can expect from us, this is a stout-heavy Box.
  • The Box will contain all Moersleutel beers. A couple of known and loved beers, but mostly new stuff, brewed for the winter months.
  • 11 Advent Exclusive beers, only available in the advent
  • Big 44cL cans (enough to share with someone)
  • Limited availability¬†due to beers exclusively brewed for the Advent.Pre-sale: shipping in NovemberDo not add any other items in your cart with this purchase, thank you.To get the Advent Box for the Guild Deal, check out this page here.

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