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Macaroon Machine 12-pack Subscription

Core value pack

Craft beer for your office or local club? Stock up with our new Beer Subscription packs! With this beer subscription, you upgrade your VrijMiBo’s and make sure everyone starts the weekend with awesome beer. Pick your preferred beer styles, volume, and frequency according to your needs. Easy to pause at any time or crank up the volume when another party is coming up. Use the portal in your Moersleutel Shop account to manage your subscription. 

About Macaroon Machine

Think of coconut, 🥥 think of chocolate 🍫 and think of pure luxury in your glass. That is what this beer is all about. A rich aroma paired with a decadent flavor profile. Hints of vanilla delight the nose. Macaroon Machine is one of our four beers from our core range. The coconut stout, being one of our favorite styles, could obviously not be missed.

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