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for €45 / month

Introducing The Guild, Moersleutel Brewery’s exclusive beer membership that gives you access to a world of exceptional brews and unique experiences.

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  • A box with an average of 15 of our latest beers, sometimes collabs and guest beers

  • Exclusive beers for the Guild, including Mystery Beers and Indulgence, our deluxe barrel-aged stout

  • We engineer 6 boxes per year (sent in February, April, June, August, October and December)


  • Priority on the Barrel-Aged beers we release (like our Barcodes).
    This doesn’t mean you get them first, but you are certain you get them.

  • Access to our Guild Exclusives area in our webshop where you can buy Guild glassware, extra Indulgence beers and merchandise deals.


  • Only 90 euros a Box. Shipping in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany is free.

  • You can pay per month (45 euros + optional shipping), two-monthly (per Box), or per Year(6 Boxes with a discount)

Happy guild members

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With the Guild i'm sure i'll get all Moersleutel releases and I don't have to buy them all seperately. The exclusive beers like Indulgence make it even more worth it!
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I consider myself the biggest Moersleutel fan of all, so there was no doubt to become a Guild member from the very start. Still not disappointed! Great brewery & awesome beer!
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The Guild member pays the premium but benefits by getting the exclusive beers in the box like the barrel-aged Indulgence. Hands down the best beer they've ever sent me.
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I recently became a member of the Guild Beer Membership, and I have to say thank you to all people at Moersleutel, it's been one of the best decisions I've made in a long time! As someone who loves exploring new craft beers and supporting local breweries, this membership has given me access to so many amazing beers. I especially love the Indulgence beers and the QR codes are a nice touch. I hope you do more exclusive beers in the future!
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Guild FAQ

We have the following 3 payment plans:

Pay per month: € 45 + shipping costs 

Your payment will be collected at the end of each month.

Pay per 2 months: € 90 + shipping costs 
Your payment will be collected at the end of every two months.

Pay for the full year (and get 5% discount): € 513,60 + shipping costs 
Your payment will be collected at the start of your membership and the discount is calculated in the price. There is no discount on shipping costs. 

Guild Members that live in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany all enjoy free shipping. For other countries we need to ask a little bit of shipping costs to get the package to you. This will be charged on top of the regular membership fee. See the chart below for prices per region. The ‘per year’ shows pricing for 6 shipments.

Country per 1 month per 2 months  per year (5% discount) 
NL / BE / GEFree shippingFree shippingFree shipping
Europe 1€ 16,60€ 25 € 142,50
Europe 2€ 9,98€ 19,95 € 119,70
Rest of the world€ 40€ 80 € 480

Europe 1: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Slovakia, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Poland

Europe 2: Estonia, Finland, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

We engineer 6 Guild boxes a year and send them out at the end of every even month. Our current shipment planning is:

  • End of February
  • End of April
  • End of June
  • End of August
  • End of October
  • End of December

When we start preparing the shipping labels and boxes, you will receive a notification from DHL with your track & trace code. It may take a while before your package starts moving, because there is some time between our handling and shipping of DHL.

You will receive your first box in the month after your first payment cycle has gone through, and when a Guild box is being planned to ship. So for example:

When you register in January, you will receive Guild Box 11 at the end of February 2023.
When you sign in in February or March, you will receive Guild Box 12 at the end of April 2023.

You are free to cancel your subscription after you have payed for & received 3 boxes from us. You can easily cancel through your account on our website:

  1. Sign in and navigate to Account. 
  2. Choose the tab that says Subscriptions
  3. Edit your subscription and choose the option Cancel.

All Guild members have access to exclusive news and products our our website. For instance new merchandise and Indulgences, these will be available as Guild exclusives for the first 24 hours before they come into our regular shop. Same goes for event tickets.



You can access the Guild member area by loging into your account that’s connected to your Guild membership. Navigate to the menu item that says ‘The Guild’ and find ‘Guild Member Area’ underneath. Go there and you will discover our Guild Exclusive products and news. 

Our wild ales, which we release under the Zomerdijk Brewing & Blending brand, will not come in the regular Guild boxes because of the small batch sizes (approx. 900 bottles). They will become Guild exclusives and available with discount for Guild members in the first 24 hours of release. After that they will go into our regular shop for everyone to purchase.

Our Mystery beers are first released into The Guild for Guild members to enjoy first. After release in The Guild the rest will go into the Guild exclusives and available with discount for Guild members in the first 24 hours of release. If after that there is still stock left, we will sell the rest of it in our regular shop.

To access your Guild account in our webshop, the services below, you will need to reactive your account in our webshop. Don’t worry, since you receive this email, you are still a valued Member of the Guild.

If you’ve had an account before, please create a new password.
We couldn’t import your existing password due to privacy. Simply click “forget password” and follow the steps provided.

If the system doesn’t recognize your emailaddress
 or if you’ve never had an webshop account before, simply register a webshop account here. This doesn’t have influence on your subscription.
Please make sure to use the same email address as used when signing in to the Guild.

  1. Log in
  2. Go to Subscribtions
  3. Click view
  4. Scroll down to Product, and click: Switch subscription.
  5. Follow the instructions provided.

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