STOUT gift pack



Hoppy Baltic Porter

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Coffee Grinder

Coffee Grinder is one of our five beers from the core range

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Lucky Tonka - Red Beet & Chocolate

We combined something extraordinary and new, not only on Willy Tonka but in the whole brewery, beetroot juice with chocolate.

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Macaroon Machine

Macaroon Machine is one of our four beers from our core range

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Motor Oil

Motor Oil is one of our 4 beers from our core range and can be labeled our flagship stout.

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Moersleutel Tasting glass

Ritsenhoff Catvinos Pokal glass

Low fuel = 7 cl
High fuel = 15 cl

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The Stout Gift Pack is a box for stout style lovers who enjoy the dark, rich and decadent flavors of Moersleutel’s stouts. The box contains Moersleutel beers, of which 3 popular stouts + 2 mystery dark beers that will surprise you. In addition, it INCLUDES A MOERSLEUTEL GLASS to enhance your drinking experience. If you are a lover of stouts, you won’t want to miss this box.Please note that the product photo is for illustration purposes and may vary slightly from the actual item. If you order more items, chances are these will be shipped together in one box.

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