Mini Black Gift Box


Daily Grind #4

Coffee stout from our core try-out series

In stock


Macaroon Machine

Macaroon Machine is one of our four beers from our core range

In stock


Motor Oil

Motor Oil is one of our 4 beers from our core range and can be labeled our flagship stout.

In stock



Great gift for a dark beer fan

This 3 pack gift pack of Moersleutel beers is a perfect way to sample some of the best dark beers from our craft brewery. This gift pack includes three latest Stouts, barley wines and porters released in 440ml cans, each one carefully crafted to deliver a unique and delicious drinking experience. 

Changing content

Most of the content of our beer boxes change around time, with beers getting out of stock and new releases coming in. The latest content will always be displayed on the side of this page, so you know exactly which beers to expect!

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