Guild Box 13

Welcome to the new Guild Unboxing video!

Get ready for an wild experience as four passionate brewers*  delve into the 14 beers in this Box. Maybe drinking all of these, in the blasting sun, just before lunch wasn’t their best idea. 😉

Alongside their cheerful banter, they’ll also provide you with intriguing details about each beer, including insights into the brewery, playful jokes, and the nerdy craft beer details like the specific hops and yeasts used.

So, why not pour yourself a drink, settle in, and relish the journey!

We really appreciate your feedback on this video! Please take a moment to share your thoughts on what you enjoyed and any suggestions you have for future videos. Your input will help us curate an even better experience for you in the next unboxing video (if we can get the brewers to behave).


the Moersleutel Family🍻🔧

* Well, Bobby does logistics but has a fair share of nerdy knowledge and jokes too!


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