Merch Box

For beer geeks and tech heroes

This perfect combo is the ultimate gift for beer lovers and tech enthusiasts alike. Our Merch Box features a delicious assortment of 10 handpicked craft beers from our brewery, including rich stouts, refreshing IPAs, and other styles. The beers go standard in the box, you can check up to 1 of the 5 merchendaise items if you want to buy it with them at 30% off.

Changing content

Most of the content of our beer boxes change around time, with beers getting out of stock and new releases coming in. The latest content will always be displayed on the side of this page, so you know exactly which beers to expect! 

6 Years Margreet

A freeze distilled with hint of sour cherries for Margreet (a.k.a. Momager).


In stock

6 Years Tom

A Rye wine for Tom


In stock

Arts & Crafts - Collab Fauve

West Coast IPA brewed together with Fauve


In stock

Azacca x7 (2023)

NEIPA with Azacca hops


In stock

Crank the Session Juice

Crank the Juice but more session-able


In stock

CYPMT Insulated Cable Cutter

TIPA with Galaxy, Citra and German Callista hops

In stock

Fraugruber: Older no wiser - Collab with Moersleutel

Wizendoppelbock collab met Moersleutel


In stock

Hydrogen Hero

Beechwood smoked imperial stout


In stock

You Made This - Fan beer

Our fan beer based on the Spanish Licor

In stock

WT Tonka, Red Beet & Chocolate

We combined something extraordinary and new, not only on Willy Tonka but in the whole brewery, beetroot juice with chocolate.


In stock

Moersleutel Playing cards

Play a card game in Moersleutel style.

Moersleutel Multitool

Handy key ring with Moersleutel logo

Moersleutel Drinking bottle

Always have your drink with you in this matte black Moersleutel drinking bottle

Moersleutel Tape measure

No job too tricky with a good tape measure

Moersleutel Tote bag

Do all your shopping with this fun tote bag with Moersleutel logo

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